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Fance Dress Competition

(January 16, 2018)

A Fancy Dress competition was organized in Darshan Academy Ludhiana on December 21.2017 for the tiny tots of Kindergarten. The event comprised of a lamp lightening ceremony, presentation, welcome dance, and a Christmas dance. The tiny tots gave a brilliant performance in their colorful costumes. The pre-primary students participated with great zest and zeal. Guest of Honour Mrs. Veerpal judged the competition. School Principal Mrs. Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh and L.M.C Member Mr. Balbir Singh felicitated the students with awards and certificates

Alumni Meet

(January 16, 2018)

Darshan Academy Ludhiana organized its First Alumni Meet on December 24th, 2017. Former students of Darshan Academy attended the Meet. They shared their experiences and memories of school life. Most of them appreciated the school's role in their life and they credited the school and their teacher for what they are today. Overall it was a memorable and enjoyable get-together. Principal Ms. Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh wished the children a great life ahead.

Road Safety Workshop

(January 16, 2018)

Automobile accidents are a top cause of harm and death to people. A Road Safety Workshop, sponsored by the Safe Kids Foundation, was given to the students of Darshan Academy Pune on 13th, November, 2017. Dr. Pawan facilitated the program for grades V-IX using innovative ways to get the message of safe behavior across to the students. Topics covered included road safety, pedestrian safety, use of seat belts, use of cycle helmets, speeding, and safety during inclement weather and at night. Brochures on “Road Safety” were distributed to students. Teachers gave positive feedback to the facilitator.

Roti Bank

(January 16, 2018)

Darshan Academy Pune students visited a home for children as part of the Roti Bank Drive on 11th December, 2017. Each DA child brought one fresh roti to school. Student council members and secondary teachers visited the Sparsh Balgram, NGO for this roti donation. Darshan Academy students and teachers were happy to engage in this selfless service.

Spiritual Curriculum Workshop

(January 16, 2018)

On 15th December, Darshan Academy Pune held a Spiritual Curriculum Workshop for all teachers. The workshop was conducted by Ms.Geeta. She began by asking teachers the importance of the spiritual curriculum and how the teachings can help us in our lives. She discussed each unit being taught and how to teach the lessons in a creative and interesting way. She gave out assignments for teachers to complete for the next workshop session. It was an innovative and informative workshop.

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