Positive Contribution to the Society

Darshan Academy is actively engaged in multiple social causes and welfare activities. Here are some highlights:

Every year Darshan Academy provides fee concessions to students who need financial help. Exemption in fee granted to students is reviewed from year to year after ascertaining eligibility for exemption and the student’s performance.Darshan Academies gave the total amount of Rs. 1,35,64,682/- fee concessions to 3206 number of students in the academic year 2014/15.

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarships

This scholarship is given to increase consistent and continuous excellence among the students. It is offered to a student for excellence in academics in grades I to IX

Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students who show all round excellence in academics as well as sports, cultural activities, and social studies.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarships

This scholarship is provided annually to students for excellence in grade X and XII.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Sports Scholarships

This scholarship is provided annually to students for excellence in Sports.


Darshan Academy celebrates special weeks related to Love and Service, Acts of Kindness, and Human Unity and Peace every year.

The purpose of spiritual education is to help humanity. Through projects in community service, helping people in need, and improving the ecological environment, students develop the concept of using their knowledge to make positive contributions to society.

During the special weeks, students engage in service to others, acting as responsible citizens. Just a few of the projects in which students have been actively involved are:

  • Roti Bank – Distributing food to people in need;
  • Classes for Underprivileged Children – Offering free classes and workshops in computers, math, and art for underprivileged children, locally, organized by Darshan Academy students;
  • Sports Day for Physically Challenged Children – Inviting physically challenged children to a special Sports Day;
  • Donation and Distribution of Food and Other Items –Visiting slum areas to distribute food and useful items;
  • Performing Street Plays on Social Issues, such as “Save the Girl Child” and environmental topics – Raising awareness of social issues;
  • Visits to Senior Citizen Homes – Interacting with residents at senior homes through singing and handing out gift cards;
  • Recycling Projects – Collecting bio-degradable waste at school and motivating people in the neighborhood to recycle waste; and
  • Go Green Campaigns – Holding rallies to make people aware of ways to keep the city clean and green. Planting saplings.
  • These represent only a few of the student activities during Special Weeks!

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