Spiritual Curriculum

Darshan Education Foundation provides students with an education for inner and outer peace. For this purpose it has developed a unique spiritual curriculum for nursery to grade 12. It has been developed by an international team of educators incorporating the best practices and latest research in education. Teacher guides and student workbooks are available for each grade level.

The spiritual curriculum is being implemented in all the Darshan Academy schools, where students follow a daily lesson from the spiritual curriculum. Each day begins with a school-wide ten minute meditation period. Through meditation and the spiritual curriculum, children are provided time to find peace within themselves and an environment in which they can grow into true human beings who spread love and peace. They develop an appreciation and regard for people of all religions and faith traditions and respect for cultural diversity. They learn basic manners, good health habits, and polite and courteous social interactions. They also learn how to take care of their own belongings, those of others, and to take care of the earth, animals, plants, and nature. Students learn conflict resolution techniques for solving problems peacefully. They explore these topics through games, art, music, projects, literature, crafts, and role-playing.

The purpose of spiritual education is to help humanity. Through projects in community service, helping people in need, and improving the ecological environment, students develop the concept of using their knowledge to make positive contributions to society. Cultural programs offer the children an opportunity to share what they have learned.

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